Introduction and Service Offering

Powells is a team of industry experts specialising in all aspects of Fixed and Movable asset valuations.

With highly skilled professionals, the organisation facilitates and conducts dedicated valuation services suited to specific requirements, as well as providing expert disposal advice. Incorporated for over 35 years the enterprise has successfully concluded numerous specialised valuations and disposal undertakings nationally and globally.

As registered Appraisers to the High Court of South Africa, we take into account all necessary criteria required in the administering and winding up of deceased estates including statutory and legal requirements which are central to our service offering, inter alia

  • SARS REV246 valuation document on fixed property
  • Motivated valuation reports and schedules of movable assets in the administering of estates for executors and for ease of reference in the dividing up of assets amongst heirs and beneficiaries
  • Arrange transport and storage of movables in the winding up of Deceased Estates
  • Expert advice on the disposal of surplus assets either by way of auction or private treaty negotiation
  • We have dedicated valuation professionals who provide a broad spectrum of asset valuations incorporating;


  • Residential, Commercial and Industrial, agricultural, Heritage and Historical Buildings

Movable Assets

  • Plant and machinery
  • Vehicles – Classic Cars, commercial and standard
  • Fine art and antiques
  • Jewellery
  • Home Contents
  • Office Contents
  • Marine vessels

Our field of expertise extends to

Income Producing Assets

Enterprise or Business as a going concern

Intangible Assets

Intellectual property, trademarks and goodwill
We also provide other valuation services dedicated to Insurance replacement, liquidation and forced sale circumstances

Over the years we have valued numerous historical buildings, residential properties and iconic heritage sites, renowned wine estates, prestigious hotels and hospitality venues, commercial and industrial properties & private estates. We have a dedicated division for ‘movable’ assets & contents of private homes & corporations which specialises in fine art & antiques, jewellery, objects of virtue & specialised collectable items like coins, stamps, oriental rugs etc.

Valuation projects include:

Historical assets at the residence of the Premier of the Western Cape (Leeuwenhof), Table Mountain Cableway, Western Cape Provincial Parliament, Cape Town Mayoral Suites and Department of Public Works. Robben Island Museum (R.I.M), Wine Estates; Boschendal, Spier, De Toren, Villera, Ernie Els Wines, Grande Roche, Hazendal. Hotels; Mount Nelson, West Cliff, The Cape Grace, Grande Roche, Protea Group and others. Our expertise extends to the appraisals of shopping centres, office blocks, factories and retail space.


Initial consultations are provided at no cost within the Cape Town area. Following a cursory inspection of the assets to be valued fees are then calculated by the measure of time and degree of difficulty and do not necessarily relate to tariff rates or as a percentage of the quantum value arrived at.

Fees are pre-determined with the client and each undertaking commences on the acceptance by the client as to the scope of work and the terms of engagement which are clearly outlined and greed to in our standard “Mandate to Proceed” document.

Value Statement

We pride ourselves on professionalism and confidentiality and adhere to the highest level of expertise, always maintaining sound ethical values without compromise.

Our reputation has been forged on nurtured relationships, confidentiality and sound business principles which are firmly entrenched in our corporate culture. We are committed to sustainable relationships and personal service vested in our ethos and accented in our acronym R.E.A.P.



Charity auctions have become an integral part of the auction profession. Contributing to society for the greater good not only displays the ethos of the auction company or the individual auctioneer, it also has substantial benefits.

Charity auctions have become important social events for corporate companies, financial institutions and individuals that want to make a difference. It is an interactive and fun way to contribute to a worthy cause. Items that are auctioned at these events often achieve high prices with little or no bearing to market-related values.

Philip Powell, South African Institute of Auctioneers (SAIA) vice-chairman and renowned charity auctioneer says this is done through positive interaction with the audience.

“When a successful bid is awarded to a buyer, it tends to invoke a sense of benevolence and achievement,” Powell explains. “Charity auctions are an efficient way to make a difference towards the upliftment of the less fortunate. Social responsibility has become a key element in the ethos of many companies and charity auctions are a platform to raise much needed funds for worthy initiatives.”

Powell explains that it’s important to draw the right caliber of audience. The charity auction platform often presents the opportunity to mingle with sports stars, celebrities and high-profile people. Benefactors contribute by donating funds, saleable assets or services in such a way that the charity is guaranteed positive contributions.

“The auctioneer makes everyone feel important, no matter how wealthy or how famous. Everyone is equal at a charity auction. It’s also vitally important for an auctioneer to have a specialized events manager who understands the requirements for a successful fundraising event. The outcome of these popular functions is attributed to the skill and professionalism of an experienced auctioneer,” Powell says.

Charity auctions aren’t as serious as regular commercial auctions, it’s an interactive show. These events are usually fun-filled and rely on versatile auctioneers to entertain the audience. They have a cheeky lust for life, similar to stand-up comedians.

“During a charity event, guests have the opportunity to see these talented professionals at work. Even if you don’t bid on an item, you are bound to be absorbed by the entertainment the experience offers you. A successful auction is subject to the commitment of all involved, from the auctioneers to the event managers and audience. “An experienced charity auctioneer is able to engage his audience by spontaneously responding to their reactions. He is charming en exudes confidence, compassion and charisma at all times,” says Powell.

The auctioneer should engage with his audience by mingling with bidders and making eye contact. A keen sense of humour is a must; the auctioneer should be able to entertain guests. “Being a part of a fundraising initiative is a very rewarding experience, whether you are an auctioneer, bidder or benefactor. It gives a sense of worthiness,” Powell says.

Fund Raising Initiatives

  • Sir Elton John Aids Foundation
  • Hospice
  • Deaf Child Centre
  • Reach For A Dream
  • The Sunflower Fund
  • Quadriplegic Association of S.A.
  • Nazareth House
  • Our Kids of the Cape